If Mayweather won’t fight Manny Pacquiao, who would you want the “Pacman” fight next?

Many things have been said about the failed attempts to bring the two top pound-for-pound boxers in the same ring to what might have been the fight of the decade, some say even century.

Unbeaten Mayweather vs.  P4P king Pacquiao. Who wouldn’t want to see that?

Well the last ditch drive to make it happen had hit a brick wall, and Team Pacquiao decided to move on.

Regardless whether the last negotiation ever took place, you’ve got to hand it to Manny’s camp, as they have announced to the world that they are willing to fight.

And so, for Manny’s last fight before he retires, Margarito’s name came about. Top Rank Promoter Bob Arum explained why he chose Margarito over the Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto. He said, he made the choice because it would be perceived as a more competitive bout.

“Cotto was beaten and even with [Hall of Fame trainer] Emanuel Steward now with him, I don’t think people believe that it’s enough to make a difference and I’m not sure they would buy it as competitive,”

Since it was announced that Manny Pacquiao’s next fight would come against Antonio Margarito, many fight fans have been quick to criticize just about every aspect of the event.

Some boxing fans immediately made their disapproval known online with some even encouraging others to boycott the fight.

Many don’t believe Margarito deserves to be facing Pacquiao after his suspension, subsequent refusal to admit any guilt over the matter or recent performances.

So if not Margarito, and Mayweather now out of the contention, who do you think should the Pacman fight next?


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