Mutant Radioactive Wild Boars Plague Germany

According to Spiegel International Online radioactive wild boars are now growing in numbers in Germany. Frightened residents are reportedly being attacked. These boars even disrupt traffic when they gang up on roadways according to some other media reports.

Caused mainly by Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear meltdown way back in 1986, contaminating much of Europe, the contamination remains detected. The number of the contaminated animals have grown as the wild boar population skyrockets.

The Spiegel report also says that German government payments compensating hunters for lost income due to radioactive wild boar meat have quadrupled since 2007. Last year , about $555,000 was paid to hunters who found themselves with inedible boar meat, due to its radioactivity. The hunters would have otherwise sold the meat, but it was deemed unfit for human consumption.

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