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BP’s Oil Spill Magically Evaporated into thin air?

Majority of news agencies are now reporting that the Oil magically disappeared in the Gulf. At the same time, as the dailymail reports, “the Obama administration conceded the ‘vast majority’ of the oil that gushed into the ocean from the ruptured well has already gone.”

No more problem? Situation under control?

The extraordinary reports came after government scientists concluded, that three-quarters of the leaked oil has “evaporated, dispersed, been burned off or been contained.”


While mainstream media unanymously reported to the same tune, Kate Sheppard of motherjones.com reports:

“…the oil isn’t gone. More than 100 million gallons of it—at least nine and a half times more oil than the Exxon Valdez dumped—remain at the surface or dispersed undersea. And the government is still keeping crucial information about the extent of the damage a carefully guarded secret—from everyone except BP.”

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Sun “Greets” Obama’s Birthday with tons of Solar Plasma today

From the Sun’s surface, to our planet, a greeting is being beamed from outer space in anticipation of the President’s birthday. Today marks the solar blasting of “tons of plasma into interplanetary space — directly towards the Earth.”, coinciding with US President Obama’s 49th birthday.

Scientists have warned that the earth could be hit by a wave of violent space storm today after a massive explosion on the sun. NASA astronomers witnessed a huge flare above a giant sunspot the size of our planet and linked to an even larger eruption across the Sun’s surface.

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